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What is Herbal Hair Tea?

• BWNH Herbal Hair Tea is a special blend of over 19 organic herbs created by Black Women Natural Hairstyles team to nourish, heal, protect, and strengthen your natural hair. 

• It’s perfect as your leave in conditioner, moisturizer and hair treatment. 

• Some conditioners are quick fixes and only have cosmetic value. Herbal hair tea has the best overall nourishment.

• Herbal hair tea is nothing new it’s been around since ancient times. Herbs were used for shine, luster, nourishment, hair growth, strengthening hair, hair color and to minimize damage done to the hair. Herbs have been the best source for a good quality hair care product.

• BWNH herbal hair tea is for all hair types including locs.

• Enjoy the wonderful relaxing smells of an herbal spa. We guarantee that you will be coming back for more.

• Remember this is all organic. No pesticides, no preservatives, no synthetic chemicals all natural straight from Mother Earth, literally.  

• BWNH herbs are here for your specific hair needs. What ever you hair needs we have you covered!